Workplace Harassment

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Harassment Is Prohibited Under California State & Federal Law

Perpetrators of harassment, including those who harass their coworkers or employees, may make light of harassment laws and statistics. “It is all a joke,” they may say as a way to excuse their behavior. They may even claim that harassment victims like the jokes, the snide or rude remarks, and other behaviors that demean or embarrass a person or group of individuals. But there is nothing funny about harassment on the jobsite. Workplace harassment causes victims to be demoralized, dehumanized, and humiliated, and employers have an obligation to put a stop to it.

What Constitutes Harassment?

Harassment in the workplace may go underreported because victims do not want to “make a big deal” of it or get the perpetrator in trouble with management. Workplace harassment may also go underreported because victims are not aware that the bothersome behavior they have endured is actually harassment. So what exactly is workplace harassment?

Harassment on the job can take many forms, including:

  • Unwelcome remarks about one’s gender, race, ethnicity, or religion
  • Jokes or comments that demean a person or a group of people
  • Assigning demeaning tasks to another person without lawful justification and/or because of that person’s personal characteristics
  • Other acts or comments meant to demean, humiliate, embarrass, or intimidate

Harassment exists even if the perpetrator did not intend to demean or humiliate the victim. It also exists even if the victim is not a member of the group of people the perpetrator is demeaning or making comments about. If the victim hears or is witness to troublesome conduct or words and he or she feels demeaned or humiliated, workplace harassment has occurred.

What Must an Employer Do About Workplace Harassment?

Workplace harassment creates a threatening and/or oppressive work environment that can cause workers to be unproductive and demoralized. If left unchecked, workplace harassment will eventually be felt by the business in its bottom line. The business may also experience a high turnover rate of employees if the workplace harassment is not dealt with appropriately.

Workers have a legitimate expectation to work in an environment free from workplace harassment. If an employer is aware or should be aware that harassment is occurring then it is incumbent on the employer to take action. Failing to do so may result in the employer being held liable for a harassment victim’s injuries and losses along with other costs associated with allowing a harassing workplace to exist.

Employers should address workplace harassment using one or several of the following tactics:

  • Counseling the offender about the nature of his or her comments or actions;
  • Offering sensitivity or diversity training aimed at making all employees more aware of the manner in which their comments and actions can harm others;
  • Separating the offender from the victim of his or her harassing activities;
  • Disciplining or terminating the offender’s employment.

What yo Do if You Are the Victim of Harassment

If you are the victim of workplace harassment, do not be intimidated or scared: seek experienced legal assistance to learn about your legal rights and to take action. The Law Offices of Gay Carroll-Haring is here to guide and assist you. I will compassionately listen to your situation and provide practical advice as to how you may be able to put an end to the harassing behavior and obtain compensation for the losses you experienced as a result of the harassment.

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