Disability & Reasonable Accommodation

Disability & Reasonable Accommodation in Sacramento

Let a Sacramento Employment Lawyer Protect Your Rights

If you have a physical or mental limitation, both federal and state laws provide you with certain rights and protections when it comes to employment. The goal of these laws is to enable you to apply for jobs and perform any essential job functions to which you may be assigned without you having to suffer extreme difficulty or embarrassment. So long as you have a “covered disability” under the law and your employer is aware if it, an employer is required to enter into the interactive process with you to determine if reasonable accommodations can be made for your disability, during the hiring process and during the course of your employment.

As a person with a physical or mental limitation, it is important that you understand what rights and protections you have under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. Contact the Law Offices of Gay Carroll-Haring to schedule a consultation today.

Protection is Available for “Covered Disabilities” in California

Not all limitations are considered “covered disabilities” under federal and state law. Covered disabilities under the law include both physical and mental conditions.

Any condition that limits your ability to engage in a “major life activity” such as working a job, caring for yourself, or moving about under your own power is considered a covered disability. This includes:

  • Conditions that affect any one or several major body systems
  • A physical condition that requires you to receive special education
  • A condition that forces you to use special assistance services
  • If your employer believes you to have a physical disability
  • Those that require you to receive special education or any type of mental health service

What to Do if You Have a Covered Disability

If you have a covered disability, your employer must make reasonable accommodations that will assist you in applying for a job with that employer and/or performing the essential tasks of a job with that employer. The employer should have a process in place that allows you to make your request for accommodations known and enable you and the employer to freely discuss ways in which your limitations can be accommodated.

Your employer is not required to provide an accommodation that would cause an “undue hardship” to the employer’s business; on the other hand, your employer cannot refuse to provide you with an accommodation simply because of cost.

When to Seek Assistance from a Sacramento Employment Law Attorney

If you attempted to apply for a job or were hired and later fired because you could not perform the essential functions of the job and requested reasonable accommodations, contact us at the Law Offices of Gay Carroll-Haring. After determining whether your limitations constitute a “covered disability,” we will analyze the reasonableness of the requested accommodation. If it appears your employer unreasonably and unlawfully refused to provide you with a reasonable accommodation, you may be entitled to compensation or other legal remedies.

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