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Employees May Be Required to Sign Contracts

Whether you are starting a new job at a multinational corporation or a career at a local grocery store, chances are you will be required to sign some type of employment contract before you begin work. A properly-negotiated and drafted employment contract can provide clarity to both the employer and employee regarding each parties’ expectations of the employment relationship. A poorly drafted contract, or worse - a contract that is the result of little or no negotiation, can leave you with few benefits and/or little recourse in the event of a dispute.

The solution is to consult with a California employment contract attorney and have your employment contract reviewed. If the contract does not protect your interests, I will advise you of this and may be able to help you negotiate a more favorable employment contract. If your rights under your employment contract have been violated, I can assist you in pursuing remedies to which you may be entitled.

Common Employment Contract Terms

Each employer is free to utilize its own distinct employment contract. In other words, there is no one “approved” employment contract that all California employers must use. Nevertheless, many employment contracts contain similar terms and address similar topics.

Some common topics addressed by employment contracts include:

  • Whether the employment is “at-will” or for a specific duration;
  • How the employee will be compensated;
  • The specific job title and/or job duties the employee will be expected to perform;
  • Behavior that is not tolerated by the employer and how such behavior will be treated;
  • Circumstances that may result in the employee being disciplined or terminated;
  • How disagreements about rights or obligations under the terms of the contract will be handled;
  • That any promises made to you have been recorded in the contract and that the contract represents the entirety of your agreement with the employer.

Like any other contract, you should take the time to read your employment contract before signing. It is very difficult to change an employment contract after it has been signed by all of the parties. If you are uncertain about any term or provision of the contract, voice your concern and ask to speak with an attorney before signing.

Beware Employment Contracts Containing These Terms

It should cause you great alarm if you notice any of the following terms in your employment contract. Not only do these terms put you at a disadvantage in the employment relationship, but they may also be illegal.

Avoid employment contracts with these terms:

  • Promises that you will not compete with the employer or work for a competitor if your relationship with the employer is terminated (these non-compete promises are generally void and not enforceable in California);
  • Agreements that you will give up your rights to breaks, meals, overtime pay, or other benefits guaranteed to you by state and federal law;
  • Terms of dispute resolution that heavily favor the employer, such as terms that (1) allow the employer to select the method of dispute resolution; (2) allow the employer to exercise complete control over the dispute resolution process; or (3) force a court to utilize a particular state’s laws to decide disputes where that state’s laws are very “employer-friendly.”

Consult with a Reputable Sacramento Employment Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Gay Carroll-Haring is here to assist you in understanding your employment contract and the duties and obligations you are agreeing to by signing it. When you encounter an issue, contact my office. Whether you are questioning if you should enter into a new employment relationship or you have been employed by the same individual or company for decades but are experiencing contract violations, it is never too late to learn about your rights and duties under the terms of your employment contract.

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