Breach of Contract

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California Employers Are Subject to Civil Liability

Many California employees who are "at-will" do not have formal employment contracts. They receive offers stating salary and start date and happily accept. However, employment contracts are common, especially with non-traditional workers like independent contractors and temporary employees.

The problem with employment contracts is that they are legal documents. This means they contain confusing and dense legalese. Many workers are just eager to begin work and quickly sign away on the dotted line without fully understanding the terms of their agreement. If you have entered into an employment contract and were accused of violating it, ignorance of agreed upon terms is not a valid defense.

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What Happens if I Breach the Contract?

Contract disputes can and will happen. When you are the one accused of being in the wrong, it may be because you simply did not understand what you were agreeing to at the beginning of the job. While it’s always advisable to seek legal guidance on interpreting contracts, if you have already signed the contract and are encountering difficulties, it’s time to bring in skilled legal help to defend against allegations of breach.

Breaches of contract are commonly permitted when the contract is unenforceable under California law. This can happen when:

  • The contract contains a restrictive covenant
  • The contract contains an unenforceable non-compete clause
  • The contract requires the employee to perform illegal activities
  • The contract misclassifies the employee as an independent contractor
  • The contract does not provide for proper pay or benefits under California labor laws
  • Any other unconscionable or illegal provision

What Happens if My Employer Breaches the Contract?

When you enter an employment contract, you work hard and expect your employer to reward you for your dedication according to the terms of the agreement. When your employer refuses, you may feel powerless to fight your company given its size and resources. However, an aggressive and talented California contract dispute lawyer can assist you with carefully crafting a case against your employer.

If your employer breaches your employment contract, you can try to mitigate your loss by renegotiating the contract or simply finding new employment. You can also file a breach of contract lawsuit. If you are able to prove that a contract existed and your boss breached it, you will be entitled to damages. These damages will amount to what you expected to receive had your employer fulfilled its end of the bargain. This will often include back pay, future lost wages, and the value of any benefits or overtime.

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